Thursday, 30 June 2011

Escape to the woods

I've had a busy few days at work so yesterday I managed a walk around my favourite local woodland to unwind.

Its an interesting site, an old sandstone quarry full of mainly native broadleaved trees and a healthy understory of holly and hazel.

Beech hanging on to the edges

Quite a few game trails...

leading to this warren within an old sweet chestnut stump.

Plenty of healthy Sweet Chestnut too, look forward to roasting some up again later in the year.

Possible blusher, hard to ID as it had been raining  heavily 2 nights ago. Couldn't make out some of the features on the ring and stem base. I'll leave well alone though in case its the Panther Cap.

One of the largest and healthiest Birch trees I have seen since studying trees. See the Bracken for scale. 
A True lady of the Woods

The bracken has shot up recently. Changes the appearance of the whole area.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Ash bow

Made a start on this bow yesterday. Just a young stem, which I split with the axe and then worked my way down with wedges. The Yew one...ahem... snapped. Gutted, but learnt plenty so now the first breaks out of the way I can crack on and keep trying till I get it right.

I've done some more searching and there is a surprising amount of good information out there regarding bows, so hopefully this one will work out.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Enzo Trapper 01 Cherry plum and black liners.

If you want a great Bushcraft knife on a budget and have some basic skills I seriously recommend one of these blades from Brisa in Finland, some wood of your choice and a little bit of brass.

This cost less than £40 in bits.

I wanted to put some effort into it and in my stash of nice woods that i've saved from tree surgery work, I had some Cherry Plum wood that was still green. It made it easier to work with the hand tools but a pain to dry out without checking and twisting.

Sawn block and preparing two flat planes, ready for sawing in two.

Glued up and rasping to shape.

Some abrasive paper and a bit of graft and...

Early days as it needs longer in the grapeseed oil, a cure, then a beeswax polish, so it should look better and be stabilised then.

I'm glad I used the vulcanised liners, I normally use leather or bark, but these do look great and are easier to sand flat.

Hope you like.