Saturday, 23 June 2012

Forest schools demonstrations

I was invited to attend an event introducing people into taking up forest school sessions at schools and sites through Derbyshire. I was helping the team from the DCC Countryside Service to produce a campfire cookery demonstration and firelighting session.

The folks did a fantastic job in the kitchen producing from scratch, Various breads, Pizza, Mexican bean soup, Feta and roasted squash, and Rice pudding (naughty but very nice)

Plenty of hot water was produced and shelters tweaked as we went along. I was mainly on fire duty and checking the Dutch ovens from time to time. As the crowd gathered and started to eat I showed them ways of teaching kids how to light fires safely and followed it up with some friction firelighting.

It was a great day and I met plenty of like minded people willing to share ideas. Sunshine all day too, a rare thing this June!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Fathers day camp

My daughter and I camped out last night in our new Tepee and tarp set up. We sat up late talking and drinking hot chocolate and settled down for a good nights sleep after reading some of Danny Champion of the World. It was wet and windy all night but the set up worked really well and we woke up bright and early to sun and a blue sky. So we celebrated with sausage and egg butties and a brew.

So we are both off on the odd adventure when we get chance this year now that we are all set to go.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Kuksa Bowl

Just finished this fellow out of cherry. I fancied a bowl for eating out of, and as I haven't got round to turning them yet I went the slow way, and carved it Kuksa style.

I'm very pleased with it mainly because it didn't split on the bowl, and the colours are lovely. I used the Mora push knife for the outside which has sped up the work well. 

I think I'm all sorted for breakfast now : )

Monday, 4 June 2012

The Bushcraft Show working pictures

Just back from a busy 4 days working at the bushcraft show.
I was helping the Rangers at Derbyshire County Council who I work with on the site, to put on Firelighting for kids, campfire cooking food samples (I mainly consumed I'm afraid!), greenwood craft and spoon carving demos. I did have most of Saturday off as a punter though, as it was my birthday, so I got a chance to chat more with the demonstrators. 
Its great seeing a site I often work at climbing and inspecting trees, being taken over by such a big interest of mine.

Lots to see and I only grabbed a few pics on Sun and Mon but here we go..

Our frontage during a very wet Sunday, but it was more interesting round back (Which was supposed to be at the front!)

My Carving demonstration set up

...and fire lighting preparation. A bit tricky in the rain with a gazebo but loads of kids loved it.

Monday Morning, much better!

Followed by brewage (Helps after a decent gig the night before ) Kipped on the deck in a Czech army bed roll. Military Mart army surplus were there, I got some blooming excellent kit from there, cheers.

Wilderness Survival Skills set up, a very interesting place and excellent demonstrations in Flint knapping and Hide working.

Gransfors knife forging demonstration. 

I got a bit carried away demoing as there was a last minute rush and I was left on my own with my kit and landy as the rest was cleared away around me 

Met some really great people so hello again, and keep in touch :)