Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Derbyshire Food and Drink Fair 2013

Slowly recovering from the weekend working at the Derbyshire food fair event at Elvaston Castle Country Park, I thought I'd put up a few pictures.

We had 3 fire pits, two stoves and a portable home-made oven all fired by wonderful wood, to provide outdoor cooking demonstrations and food samples. Just about everything was on a the menu, and it all got eaten up by the hungry crowds.

Chucked a few last minute spoons out and a few spoon carving sessions whilst I cooked a total of 36 litres of chilli, curry and stew on my fire pit, in the dutch oven.

The DCC tent city

One of many dishes, the start of Hungarian mushroom creamy stew.

The oven in action firing out all manner of baked goodness. The pizzas were excellent! There was also soups, puddings, paella, cakes and rather a lot of boiled water produced over the two days.
I must say that the Sweet Potato Chilli went down rather well and will be a firm favourite in the future at home and in camp.

John and Val Lord turned up, and shared a gazebo with us, which was an excellent surprise! I managed to have a few chats with them over the weekend. I've met them several times and they have always been very friendly, and I managed to get a nice supply of flint to bash up too. Cheers John! day I'll get the time to get some practice in. There was some serious skills on Johns table.

Stag do

Weekend before last I had the pleasure of entertaining a great bunch of lads for a Stag event. Many of the participants worked in the outdoors, and wanted to do a bushcraft style day.

I rigged the chute, and set up all the other camp areas ready for a busy day in the woods. We started with knife skills, with a little carving, a spot of lunch prepared over the fire with a freshly made loaf, soup and sausages. Fire lighting was next, with many of the various methods and tinders used.

A fresh piece of flint and I was getting some great spark action.

The stag having his first go and successful fire on the bowdrill.

Not the easiest thing in the rain even under a parachute shelter. Well done sir!

And some boys own fun in the afternoon with a prize for the winner.

A great couple of days, were spent in this lovely piece of woodland, and the group were a pleasure to teach, even if the weather was a tad stormy. Still, it tests everyone a bit more and adds to the experience as long as it all goes well on the day.