Saturday, 30 November 2013

Three tree wooden coffee table

Well not just for coffee, but a low table perfect for the living room. Thought I'd have a bash at making one of these as the next level up I suppose from a stool. I bought a lovely solid section of sweet chestnut from a timber yard and then worked it all by hand.

It was rough sawn, so I plained all the top and sides, just sanding the end grain slightly. Partially augured 4 holes for the legs so as to blind fit the oak wedges to splay the tenons on the Ash legs. The legs were all made from one log, quartered and trimmed up with an axe and shave horse.

The stretchers are Hazel poles made from an old walking stick I made a while ago, and a recently made digging stick used to source some burdock roots. Had to use these, as they were nicely seasoned and materials were on the low side. The tenons are just whittled on with my knife, and glued into the holes made by bit and brace.

I lick of Linseed oil, a dry in the warm followed by a natural waxing and its ready to rock : )

I really enjoyed making this table and hope it lasts many years in our house. It might.. dare I say it, even be child proof !