Thursday, 18 June 2015

Blogging, fb, and what Ive been up to.

Hello folks, Its been a busy few months and a long time since a new blog enty.

Before I waffle on about what Ive been doing, are there preferences to what I could blog about? Ive been using Facebook recently due to being short on time and it being so easy to share comments with people, but is there still an interest on blog sites? I like them for their permanence as things get lost on timelines and within fb groups. Just interested on your thoughts.

I'm currently studying a Practical Ethnobotany course with the Woodcraft School in West Sussex UK. Its a brilliant course which will keep me busy until November. All things craft, food and medicinal with native and naturalised plants are covered, with assessments along the way.

In-between visits down south, there is Arboriculture, the family and teaching keeping me busy busy, along with a few crafts to make for the shop and public demonstrations (and fun).

Highlights so far this year have been running Spoon carving, Bowl and Kuksa carving and Barkcraft courses, with a few shorter demonstrations and workshops too. All have gone really well and I've met some great folks along the way. Thanks for all that attended and worked so hard.

Ive been making lots of spoons, and trying out several new designs. Smaller spoons have been grabbing my attention of late, with Teaspoons, Scoops, baby/toddler spoons, and Tea caddies made with Jar spoons and servers taking up the bigger spaces on the boxes.

But Barkcraft, has been my favourite thing lately and the buzz I'm getting off students is amazing. There shall be much more of this to come in future posts.

Hope you liked the update, and let me know what you think. Feel free to comment a little about your interests, and thoughts on social media. 

Cheers, Paul.