Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Yew plank giant spoon rack.

Normally my spoons just go on a table at shows and demos, but space is running out now there's a load more shapes to choose from. 

I had this section of damaged milled timber saved for making a bow, but there was lots of twisting in the sap wood and a lot of grain to chase, so I finally made my mind up and turned it into something useful :)

All done with hand tools, It'll sit on top of a wooden trestle table, and I might make another one to sit on this one yet for my decorated spoons. There should be some room for the kuksas, bowls, and bark containers too, although it seems a shame to cover up the grain. I just love Yew wood.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Spoon give away!

Well I think its high time for a give away. The shop is bursting with spoons and there's a few new shapes in there too. Also the facebook page has well over 1000 likes so its only fair we have some fun. I'd also like to tie in a little research.

If you would like to enter, leave a comment here about which is your favourite spoon in the Webshop and if coming from Facebook, please share the give away post. Then I'll draw the winner at random at 21:00 hrs. BST on Tuesday 14th July, and they'll get the spoon they said they liked.

Maybe its the way it looks, or the spoon you think you would find most useful to you or someone you know. I try to trim down and keep things simple so if a shape is starting to loose interest, then it might need a tweak or change, hence the type of give away.

I like making the jar spoons and scoops the best at the moment, but it changes every time I sit down to make a batch of spoons.

All the best,

Paul Adamson.