Monday, 9 November 2015

Butter knives

Ive started to make more of these recently. I love making them and I'm surprised more carving folks don't as they are very useful and its one less metal utensil in the kitchen.

They are called Smorkniv in Sweden where they get made and used more often.
Its also an excuse to play with Ochre milk paints that I like to make up, as the wood on these is Birch, so you can enjoy the plain simplicity of the wood against the brightly colored handles. I first saw a version of these being made by a very famous and creative craftsman called Jögge Sundqvist via his book Schnitzen.

Another leader in Green woodworking Drew Langster of Country Workshops in the USA is currently running a butter knife project where you can send in your version of these utensils. Give it a try if your into wood carving, as they are a great introduction to the craft.

Now available in the web Webshop if you fancy one