Friday, 6 May 2016


Well, its been a while. Being busy with spoon making, teaching and studying natural history hasn't left much spare time for anything else, but sometimes you just get the urge to stay up late and make stuff. 

Firstly, I was gifted an old British "Stubbs" metal working file that was perfect for a bushcraft knife. Nice to make a blade from scratch using old steel, and to handle it I chose a section of reindeer antler for the bolster, and sections of pewter and leather to frame a section of English Yew. To finish, a lovely section of Birch Burr.  

Western style sheath with welted seam.
Next up, a Frosts 106 woodcarving blade handled in Brass, leather, birch bark and a very nice section of English oak. I'm very pleased with it, and the handle shape is based on the handles of a fellow knifemaking buddy, Scruff. He has handled many blades and I think the Bird and Trout blades (made by Bernie Garland) he handled back in 2010/11, are some of the best out there. Very comfy to use, simple, look elegant and flow so well.

Can you really believe such beautiful things hide in wood.
I decided to make a traditional Scandi Sheath for this one with a wooden insert.

 All the wood as ever is saved from tree surgery work that I have completed in the past. Its great to finally reveal the beauty of wood after so long. Finally adding the linseed oil after lots of hard work, is always exciting.

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