Thursday, 27 October 2016

Small eating spoons

I've been having a nice break from spoon carving lately and in fact a lot of craft. There's been a run of Barkcraft teaching latley which has been fun and a couple of shows I've demonstrated at, but apart from those events its been mainly walking about in this gorgeous autumn season trying out wild food recipes and taking in the colours and smells.

After one of the shows I had several spoons half finished, so I finally got round to some carving to try and catch them before going too dry. These are the small eating spoons I make, which are 1/3 smaller than the standard size. Great for smaller containers like individual yogurt pots and tins of fish, or smaller hands and mouths.

I'll be decorating these with simple childrens designs using paints and chip carving. Keep an eye out in the webshop in the coming days.

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